2014 Missouri Whitetail Season (Conclusion)

[ Note:  If you haven't read part 1 of this story, read it here ] .... I saw some brown fur, and applied a bit of pressure to the trigger, but I wasn't able to see exactly what part of him I had the crosshairs on.  So I didn't take the shot. Another flash of brown behind him and I put the rifle on the movement and saw it was another doe. FML. Did I just miss out on a trophy?  Should I have taken the shot?  Ugh, please come back! As I was watching the edge of the thicket ahead for the … [Read more...]

2014 Missouri Whitetail Season (Part 1)

My father Doug and I have rifle hunted the same land in Missouri for the past 10 years. My brother Shannan has joined us the last 5 years, and knock on wood we've never had a dry year. Someone always gets a deer, many years we all get a deer, and several years we have all taken more than one each. I feel spoiled, and the hunting is actually too easy, but it's hard to give up the spot because it provides guaranteed meat every single year. I actually wouldn't call the land "great" Missouri … [Read more...]

13 Tips and Tricks for Hunting Colorado Antelope

On this year's Colorado antelope hunting trip I implemented a number of strategies I had learned prior to the hunt, and I picked up several new strategies during the hunt as well. Here are 13 lessons, in no particular order of importance: Watch where they end up just before dark Pronghorn don't like to move much once it gets dark. They rely so heavily on their eyesight as their primary mode of defense that they'd rather stay put until dawn. So see where they are just before dark and plan … [Read more...]